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Florida Patriot Guard does not take mission requests.

Please direct all requests to Patriot Guard Riders

FPG is honored to be a sponsor of 

Wreaths Across America

Picture was taken at the 2013 ceremony at South Florida National Cemetery.  The Young man is Carter Bailey.

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Our mission is to honor, respect and support the brave men and women who serve our nation now or who served in the past as members of the U.S. military, law enforcement or fire/rescue community.


Florida Patriot Guard is comprised of individuals who share a tremendous love and respect for the United States of America. We believe in the United States Constitution and we cherish and respect the heroes who risk their lives, whether on American soil or abroad, to protect our freedom and keep us safe. We participate in activities that honor our heroes both past and present. Such activities may include:

Upon invitation, attending the funeral services of fallen American heroes including those who have served in the United States military, law enforcement, first responders or others we deem worthy of honor and respect. When attending funerals as invited guests, we will use all lawful means to ensure an atmosphere of dignity and respect for our fallen heroes and shield families and others in mourning from interruptions or harassment by any person or group

  1. Supporting veteran connected charitable causes and events

  2. Gathering, riding or participating as a group in other community activities.

  3. Work with and support like minded organizations that have similar goals. Such as.



If you would like Florida Patriot Guard to attend the funeral of a loved one, help send-off or welcome home a family member serving in the military or participate in another veteran related, patriotic or civic event, please click here to submit a request. A representative will contact you.


The only requirement to join Florida Patriot Guard is to have a deep and abiding love of the United States of America, respect for the Constitution and a desire to show honor and respect for our heroes past and present. There is no cost, required meetings or minimum participation. Many Florida Patriot Guard members ride motorcycles but we are not a motorcycle club or a ride club, nor are we affiliated with any other organization or entity. We are patriots first and foremost, and whether you ride or not is not important as long as you support the mission. We welcome veterans and non-veterans alike. If you would like to be a part of Florida Patriot Guard please click here.



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